...because I think all my spoilery thoughts have been covered by the internet exploding over Monday's GAYEST EPISODE EVER. No for real, all my peeps should watch it just to enjoy how gay it is. (And because Kualoa Ranch is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth.)

Anyways, so I was just thinking about how shipping Chin and Kono squicks me so hard whereas I'm totally down with Dean and Sam. And it has nothing to do with procreational ability or me having cousins versus siblings or whatnot. I think it's just that I'm not really a yay! incest! person at heart, and Chin and Ko just seem really cool bro-y friends/cousins versus Sam and Dean who seem like star-crossed lovers. So star-crossed lovers trumps relatives for me but if you're related and just get along well and care about each other, sorry, no go.

But also, Danny and Steve are the gayest boyfriends on tv right now, so there's that. ♥
Dearest [personal profile] aurora,

(I'm in the middle of moving so everything's a mess and that's why this is posted so late.)

I think you should know by now that your the wind beneath wings, the chocolate glazing on my donut, the metallic shine in my favourite nail polish colour. But now that you're off kicking some European law ass, I think you're also be my shining star of lawyer-y goodness! I think by now you're probably one of my oldest LJ friends, and it's been such an awesome ride. Thanks for being the bestest fangirl I know!

Happy birthday Ves! ♥♥♥
[livejournal.com profile] combat_jack's GK Battle stories have finished posting, and, this is where it gets really interesting, have moved on to the guessing stage! Yay! I'm having way too much fun seeing who people think wrote what (especially when they guess about me!) so you should definitely go and check it out if only as an early birthday gift to me! ♥ (Just think, soon I'll be knee-deep in stuffy law books so I need my little bits of happiness while I can.)
My law school's suggested summer reading/watching list includes The Wire. \o/

Now I'll have to watch it FOR ACADEMIC REASONS.

(In the same line, how is Treme? Before or after Mad Men on the to-watch list?)
1. It is with great regret that I must announce that over the last couple days, I have finally succumbed to the charms of Lee Tergesen. While I understand that in doing so, I have made myself susceptible to flagrant facial hair violations and frequent outbursts of man-on-man adorableness perversions, I have still proceed on to the interview reading, scene re-watching, schoolgirl giggling stage. I know this is neither good for my my health nor my soul yet I have done so anyway. Also, he is ridiculously difficult to vicariously stalk via LJ comms, WTF? I ask for the patience and support of my flist during these trying times. :'(

2. In happier news, YAY [livejournal.com profile] combat_jack's GK BATTLE HAS STARTED POSTING! ♥ So excited for great fic! By which I mean great Day fic. Unfortunately, those Night stories just don't fit the prompt, fail to incorporate the theme, and aren't enjoyable to read. Now, I'm not basing this on anything that's actually been posted - it's more that they just have that aura about them. The aura of 1s.

Yeah Night, I'm throwing it down. Are you picking it up? ;)

3. Restaurant ramen is so yummy! Carbs, please never leave me even if I gain 50 more pounds!

ETA: 4. I accidentally stumbled on the ONTD post announcing the Lee Tergesen episode of SVU, and there were a bunch of comments that went something like, "What, Oz? I only know him as Reporter from GK." Blasphemy! This is what happens when you let the youngsters on the interwebs!

Obviously, I love GK and I love Evan Wright and I love Lee as Evan Wright (and I think he did a dead-on job of it), but, unless something drastic happens, Lee's greatest role will always be Tobias Beecher. I feel like this should be an objective fact.

Also, I learned today that he (apparently?) used to date Cher. The More You Know!
1. I finally watched the Lee Tergesen-Chris Meloni reunion episode of SVU, and I just want to say, thank you Writer who gave us that scene. I GUESS it was too much of a character leap or something to have them start full-on making out in their pod the interrogation room, but at least I know you tried.

2. Speaking of Oz (which we totally were), I have deduced that I am somehow attracted to Chris Keller not in spite of but because he is an obsessive manipulative murdering sociopath. Um. The murdering doesn't really get to me because hey, it's Oz - who doesn't indulge in a bit of light murder on the side? Being good at it just gives you an extra touch of competency. And the sociopath thing, you know, again, Oz rules. It just kind of makes him come off as "strong" and "is good at surviving/getting what he wants" versus oh, you know, crazy. (Yeah, I don't know, at least outside of shows like Oz, I don't find these qualities so much a plus.)

So the thing that gets to me is the obsessive manipulative part. Like you know when he gave that speech about how he at first he wanted unconditional surrender and then he wanted unconditional love? I think my thoughts were somewhere along the lines of "sexiness just went to 11". Um. Um. I don't know ok? I am not making a good case for my sanity.

3. Also, I've realized: Chris Meloni as Keller? HOT. Chris Meloni not as Keller? No as much. Whereas Lee Tergesen as Toby is not especially attractive me (even without the crazy facial hair) but Lee Tergesen as Lee Tergesen? Suddenly very interested. He seems like a very cool guy, like he would tell good stories. Also I like his singing. ♥

(Of course Keller and Beecher together is always very, very hot.)

4. [livejournal.com profile] combact_jack stories are going to start being posted soon! Yay! Challenges like this always makes me wonder if my story will be blatantly obviously mine. I suspect every writer can see their own style quirks all over their stories and so, feels this way a little. Although, I feel like I've messed around enough that you probably can't consistently say oh this is a godofwine story. Like in SGA, I remember a review describing my writing as "sparse and funny". Funny! Those were the good ol' days.

5. Man, I am so ambivalent about the World Cup game tomorrow. On the one hand, Uruguay knocked out Ghana but on the other, Germany knocked Argentina and England. Can one of my choices be "please let Ghana back in, they should really be here"?

Meanwhile, I am feeling much better about the final. Both [personal profile] aurora and [personal profile] sweetprince love the Netherlands and that is good enough for me. ♥
I've randomly had the strongest craving for Oz fic, and there's one in particular that I can't for the life of me find. Beecher and Keller are out of prison (I think Keller might have escaped and followed Beecher for a couple days at first?), and they basically have this on-the-run lifestyle going on. I think Beecher works as an accountant at a car repair shop or something? Anyways, Beecher and Keller not in prison, not completely AU where they have never been in prison, I am thinking there are not many of those so someone will remember this one? I don't know man, this show is too cracky to let go.
Oh Ghana. :'(
So I am reading about torts as one does (if one's new life goal is to somehow make Law Review. And then work for Wachtell), and I'm pretty happy that I find all the caveats and definitions engaging and not, you know, mind-numbingly dull. Anyways, it led to a conversation that went something like this:

Boyfriend: Hey, I'm glad you're enjoying your law books! But aren't you worried about all the rage you'll no doubt feel when you read through the cases?
Me: Why would I feel rage?
Boyfriend: You know, when you read about a decision that's completely unjust and that you really disagree with.
Me: Oh, I don't really have strong feelings about decisions. I just think about how interesting and solid the legal reasoning was.
Boyfriend: What is wrong with you?

(I've since come to the conclusion that this actually means I'm scholarly versus amoral. Yes.)

To counter this with a story that's more ~heartfelt~ (though no less reassuring about my sanity): )
What is going on with the refereeing in this game and why do they hate replays???

Even though Argentina is probably my favourite* now that England is out (*tear*), I still feel really bad for Mexico after that first offsides goal. Guys, we have cameras; USE THEM.

*If Ghana can go all the way, I would be ecstatic, but I'm not sure that they can.